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Theory Test Information

How do i revise for the theory.

1. Download the app or purchase a disc from :-
(tap in) Theory Test
(Click) Take a practice theory test
(scroll down ) to other ways to practice.
(click) cars.

You can download or purchase the correct resources for your theory.

How do you fail your theory test?

By only practising the mock test section. I always ask my students how many hours have they revised. The main answer is, i have passed all the on line mock tests. NO, go through all the questions that are available to you which is hundreds!!! Only then will you pass the theory.

Hazard Perception. There are 14 video clips, each will have a section where a hazard develops. As a driver the roads are filled with hazards, so don't be afraid to click for something that you think is a hazard but may not develop further. One of the video clips has a double hazard. Same in life. You might need to overtake a slow bicycle, but when you pull back in, a pedestrian steps off the pavement in front of you.