Intensive Driving Courses

Confidence building

40 hour week
Cost £1182.00 (includes test fee)

Theory Test Certificate is required.

The course covers the whole curriculum for passing your driving test. The attraction of an intensive course is not only a great result at the end of the week, but your ability to flow straight into the test, rather than wait a week from your last lesson and then jump straight into a car and under pressure try to remember everything you did the week before. You will drive in other towns and a city to get a feel for busier traffic, work with different road markings and multiple lanes at roundabouts.


The course will allow training to incorporate Motorway driving from the 4th June 2018.

A 50% deposit is required at booking stage. The final amount to be paid on the first day of course. Cancellations must be notified a full 7 days before the course begins.


Semi Intensive Driving Courses

Confidence building

30 hour week
Cost £902.00 ( includes test fee)

Theory Test Certificate is required

This course is for students who have knowledge of driving, have maybe been away at University or put things on hold to bring up a family and didn't get to test stage. It's a tidy up of manoeuvres, and to ensure that you are fully geared up to tackle the test. High standards are still achieved and we will have time to still drive in other towns and a city for the experience.


The course will incorporate motorway training from the 4th June 2018.

A 50% deposit is required at booking stage and the final payment on the first day of the course. Cancellations must be made a full 7 days before course begins.


Driving Lessons

Depending on location of your pick up, lessons would be based on your distance from house/work place to nearest town.

Hourly lesson (Bodmin only) £28.00

Hour and half (10 minutes pick up outside of Bodmin) £42.00

Two hour lessons. (10/15 minutes pick up outside of bodmin) £56.00

The standard is very high and at the end of each lesson you will be set targets to achieve for the forthcoming lessons.


Pre Test Assessment

Making sure you are ready.

6 Hour Course

This is an ideal course for students that have driven with parent/guardians ( not an instructor) and need a course that covers a mock test and all of the manoeuvres including an emergency stop. The result at the end will show you where you are in terms of booking your test. If you have already booked your test, it would be beneficial to have this course at least a week before, then it will give you time to train for any problems that arise, ensuring that you are fully equipped for your test.

Payment to be made at booking stage. Cancellations must be notified within 7 days of the course.

Driving School
Man Driving in Car
Driving Lesson
Driving Lesson

Driving with Confidence

Jane Burnhill Driving School

Manual driving lessons only.

For ages 17 and over.

Provisional licence required at the first lesson.

At Jane Burnhill Driving School, we know what it takes to enhance our students’ training.
The lessons suit any driver, whether novice or those with driving knowledge.

We have tonnes of patience. We like you to ask questions and love to see you progress and challenge yourself at every lesson.


01208 78391

15 Sandra Way, Bodmin PL31 2PP, UK

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