Guiding your teenager through to their test

Parental Support

Most parents will say that they do not wish to pass on their bad habits to their teenager. Our view on parents assisting with lessons, is one of great admiration as you don't always have complete control over what they do. But they do excel in confidence.

A few things to help you along the way:-

1. Put a mirror on your side of the windscreen ( required for test ). Examiners may cancel your test if this is not provided.

2. When carrying out manoeuvres, don't forget your teenager needs to check around the car regularly for the possibility of other traffic or pedestrians.

3. Check your teenager is checking their mirror on a regular basis. ( standard is an 8 second check)

4. Dual carriageways ( subject to crash barrier being visible ) are 70mph. Let your student enjoy a little speed. They will be required to overtake if there is a reason to do so.

5. When using reverse gear, turn around and check the rear of the car before moving.

6. Parking. Tests are changing so teach your teenager to drive into a bay and reverse out. Right and left reverse into a bay.

7. Park on the left hand side of the road in a safe place. Any safe road. Check they are not blocking other passing cars due to other parked vehicles. The main faults will be lack of observation either stopping or pulling away.

8. Charge them for the lesson, if they give you any lip.